About Us

Agro-Park is an agricultural portfolio investment and asset management company. We are the developer of the first privately owned agricultural hub on 300 hectares of land consisisting of an Agric-industrial park and farm estates at Ijale-orile, Abeokuta Ogun State, along with over 44,000 hectares support farms and outgrower schemes at different locations in Nigeria.


Revolutionalizing agricultural practices


Leading a new era of agricultural investments



This acronym represents our core values, what we stand for and what guides our activities at Agro-park.

  • D- Dependability

  • I- Integrity

  • R- Reliability

  • E- Excellence

  • C- Creativity

  • T- Tenacity

Investment Philosophy

Our fundamental investment philosophy is to build diversified agricultural investment portfolios customized to meet specific investor requirements by optimizing performance of farmland assets that are best identified and managed through the integration of both agricultural and financial expertise to give attractive returns to individuals and institutional investors.

Investment Portfolio

Acquire, develop and manage diversified, high-quality permanent and row farmland in major agricultural region.

Develop an agro processing hub with needed infrastructure to encourage investment in the agricultural value chain.

Build a diverse portfolio of agricultural assets through an effective farm and land management systems.

Investment Process

Agro Park 3step process:

Make land acquisition, clearing and preparation very easy.

Provide investors with adequate information as regards crop selection and investment decisions.

Protect investors’ asset and ensure adequate return on investment.